Saturday, April 25, 2020

GCP Study Notes 7: Sequence Models for Time Series and Natural Language Processing (coursera notes)

This is a very good section to understand sequence model, cnn, dnn, LSTM, spend more time on the training-data-analyst > courses > machine_learning > deepdive > 09_sequence.

Another 2 coursera classes:
2. Image Understanding with TensorFlow on GCP: training-data-analyst > courses > machine_learning > deepdive > 08_image
6. Recommendation Systems with TensorFlow on GCP, use the tutorial: training-data-analyst > courses > machine_learning > deepdive > 10_recommend

use gcloud shell to check/set up configurations:
  gcloud config configurations list
  gcloud auth list
  gcloud auth configure-docker
  gcloud config list
  gcloud projects list
  gcloud config configurations activate
  gcloud config configurations create
  gcloud config configurations delete
  gcloud config configurations describe

--These commands will create a Cloud AI Platform Notebook instance with TensorBoard support.
--You can also do that by point & click on the AI platform
export IMAGE_FAMILY="tf-1-14-cpu"
export ZONE="us-west1-b"
export INSTANCE_NAME="tf-tensorboard-1"
export INSTANCE_TYPE="n1-standard-4"
gcloud compute instances create "${INSTANCE_NAME}" \
        --zone="${ZONE}" \
        --image-family="${IMAGE_FAMILY}" \
        --image-project=deeplearning-platform-release \
        --machine-type="${INSTANCE_TYPE}" \
        --boot-disk-size=200GB \
        --scopes= \

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