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    Study notes 1: Python general, dataframe, SQL, Plot

How do we install packages in python?

How do we send emails in python?

How do we load/output csv file in/to Pytyon

How do we read/load R datasets in/to Python

How do we subset dataframe in Pytyon

How do we use simple SQL to python dataframe

How do we download data from netezza?

How do we download data from amazon redshift?

How do we upload data from python onto amazon redshift?

How do we include a seprate piece of python code to run?

How do we convert a list to dataframe into dataframe?

Local vs. Global Variables

How do we get outliers from python?

Internal studentized residual VS external studentized residual

How do we scatter plot in python?

How do we drop big dataframe and release memory in python?

    Study notes 2: F-score, Random Forest,L1, L2,Gradient boosting

What's F score? What's precision/recall?

Why is called "Random" "Forest"?

Internal studentized residual VS external studentized residual

How do we scatter plot in python?

Adaptive boosting VS Gradient boosting?

Gradient boosting VS Random Forest?

Adaboost VS Gradient boosting VS XGBoost

What is python generator/yield?

L1-norm vs L2-norm in machine learning

Gradient Descent VS Stochastic Gradient Descent

What's deep neural network? Why called deep?

How do we overcome local minima issue?

What's softmax? Where is the soft coming from?

What's KNN(k-nearest neighbor) vs K-means clustering

    Study notes 3: Most useful package/library, dummy coding, sparsity matrix, generator

Common useful package/library/module for machine learning

Using Dummy Coding for categorical varaibles in Regression example

How do we use sparsity matrix to save memory for large design matrix

How do we use generator to load huge data/design matrix gradually

    Study notes 4:
Issues/Errors/Warnings Collection

How do we get rid of NaN and inf values/rows?

Spyder is already running, restart kernel failed

Spyder IDE not opening because of problems with spyder.lock

Github error: src refspec remotes/origin/ matches more than one

Github error: Ambiguous object name: 'remotes/origin/'

    Study notes 5:
Laymen steps to start git work

What's SSH/Key? How do we generate SSH key for github?

What's the preparation work before git?

What's the laymen steps to start git work

    Study notes 6:
Spark SQL session example

PySpark Dataframe tutorial example

    Study notes 7:
Python programming -7: tensor flow examples

What's tensor flow in layman language?

What's NIST/MNIST/Fashion MNIST database?

    Study notes 8:
Python programming -8: AWS Sagemake/S3 Study Notes

What's Amazon Sagemaker? How to do training job inside?

Study notes 9: Python/SQL Tips/Tricks

What's the difference between Union and Union All

What's the mutable and immutable in Python?

    Study notes 10: Plot all kinds of graphs in Python
Plot all kinds of graphs in Python

How do we simply plot by histogram?

How do we plot with 2nd y axis?

How do we scatter plot by group in python?

    Study notes 11: Google Cloud Platform(GCP)

What's the product matching between AWS and GCP

Study notes 12: Tutorial on AWS lambda function

AWS lambda function to schedule batch transformed job

Study notes 13: NLP study notes and tutorial

Study notes 14: Hive HUE error collection

Study notes 15: Darknet/Tensorflow (Darkflow)/YOLO tutorial

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