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Introduction to Statistics (math10)

Welcome to Statistics world!

Here are the lecture notes we are commonly used.

Download Lecture Notes and Homework

Lecture01: Introduction, Motivation to Stats

Lecture02: Measure of Central Tendency, Variance, Measure of Position

Homework #1: from section 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 Central Tendency, Variance
Homework #1 Solution: from section 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 
Lecture03: Addition rule of probability,Multiplication rule,Independent Events

Homework #2: Multiplication rule
Homework #2 Solution

Hw #3:permutation, combination
Hw #3:Solution

Lecture04: Counting rules,Permutation, Combination

Please Print out: Exam 1 formula sheet
Lecture05: probability distribution, binomial distribution

Hw #4: probability distribution
Hw #4 detail Solution

Lecture06: Normal distribution, approximation to normal distribution

Lecture07: Central Limit theorem, approximation to binomial distribution

Table needed to print out: Normal Distribution Table

Homework #5: Normal Distribution
HW #5: More detail

Homework #6: Central Limit Theorem
Hw #6: solution

Please print out: Exam 2 formula sheet

Lecture08: Confidence Interval for the mean

Please print out: T Table

Homework #7: Confidence Interval from 7.1-7.3 solution
Hw #7: solution more details

Example: Margin of error in presidential election

Lecture09: Introduction to Hypothesis testing

Lecture10: 5 Steps for Hypothesis testing about the mean

Homework #8: Z test for Hypothesis testing with Solution

Homework #9: T test with solution

Items for Exam 3: formula sheet.      
                                                        T Table
                                                                     Z Table

Lecture11: Hypothesis testing about the difference of 2 means -I

Lecture12: Hypothesis testing about the difference of 2 means -II

Homework #10: Hypothesis testing about the difference of 2 means -I

Lecture13: Regression & Correlation

Hw #10: more details

Homework #11: Hypothesis testing about the difference of 2 means -II

Statistics 101: Hypothesis Testing Process Flow 
Hypothesis Testing Summary

Homework #12: Correlation and regression

Lecture14: Test of goodness of Fit

Table to print out: Chi-Square Table

Lecture15: F distribution, F Test, compare variance

Homework #13: Chi-square & F-distribution

Homework #13: some explanation

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Print for final: Z Table

T Table


Exam 4 formula sheet

Thank you for your attendance to this class!

Everyone has a great vocation and bright future!

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