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Statistics Modelling and Data Analysis
Case Study Notes

1a. Sample Size Determination-fundamental-I

1b. Sample Size Determination-fundamental-II

1c. Sample Size Determination: Example

2a. Sample Size Determination-Yamane formula

2b. Sample Size Determination-Simplified formula

3a. What is Power of the test?

3b. How to calculate the power of the test?

4a. Paried T-test Fundamental   4b. Paried T-test Example

4c. Z-test Application in Excel   4d. Z test, T Test, Process flow

5. Bootstrapping example in SAS

Elasticity: Introduction and SAS Example Applications

Elasticity: Theory and Application-1       Elasticity: Theory and Application-2

Net Lift Model Tutorial part-1: Introduction to Probability Decomposition Model

NetLift Model Tutorial part-2: SAS Logistic Modeling and Video from Dr. Larsen

Net Lift Model Part-3: the whole Process flow

How do you calculate Mahalanobis distance in SAS?
Robust Estimates in Detecting outliers in SAS

Why we need the reverse sample weight?
More intuitive explanation on Durbin-Watson Statistics

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