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  Where to get free credit report? Where to find good deals?
  Top 3 things a dealer does not want you know when car shopping

Foreword: Don't buy stuff for cheap, eventually it will cost you more.

  How can you get some cash back when you shop online?
Say, you want to buy some grocery from target online(3% cash back), or buy a ipad from apple store(1% cash back), this website Mr. Rebates provides you the link to those online stores, with exactly the same price; meanwhile, you can get some cash back(2%-20%) for the purchase.

That means, when you want to buy something online, don't go to their site directly, but go to this site Mr. Rebates first, then find the website on Mr. Rebates that you want to go , buy stuff through that link, then you will get some cash back from the purchase. This can help you earn a few hundred dollars per year easily.

  Where to get free credit report?
  Under the Fair and Accurate Transaction (FACT) Act, at your request, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, will provide you with one free credit report every 12 months. Everyyear you can get free copy of your credit report from those 3 credit
(Experian, Equifax, Transunion). Take advantage of this free copy, you can check whether there are some mistakes in the report.

For example, mis-spelling for your name, the mis-place between your first name and last name; you asked for closing an account, so it should be, "credit line closed-consumer request", but the report mentioned the bank closed your account etc. If you any mistakes in any of those 3 report, write to them for correction.

  • How to increase your credit?: LDD (Littel Dumb Doctor) used to have a few friends who have been working in the bank industry for years; thanks to their hard working, bulding those "top-notch" but sophisticated mathematical models for credit score business, the way to determine credit score becomes more and more complicated.

Most people might know it is important to keep a good high credit score, but may not know it's so much important until they are buying something big! For instance, when buying a car or a house, good credit score can help you save quite some money! One of my preivous colleagues had to pay extra $20,000 for his mortgage loan due to his low credit score.

Now, how do they determine your credit score? Here are some tips:

Don't apply too many credit cards in a short time frame, everytime you apply for a credit card, you will authorize them to get a copy for your credit report from those big 3 credit bureaus(Experian, Equifax, Transunion), it's called a "inquiry". Say, if you have more than 5 inquiries in half an year, then it's definitely a negative factor for your credit score.

2. Popular websites to buy deals

  Most popular coupons nearby your area, most of time with more than 50% discount: http://www.groupon.com   godailydeals.com

  deals2buy.com     dealsea.com   fatwallet.com

3. Top 3 things a dealer does not want you know when car shopping

Ever wonder what a dealers not telling you? Learn how to buy a car? The plain fact is:
Car dealerships often make more profit from the financing of the vehicle and the sale of "extras" sold in the Business Office than from the actual sale of the vehicle itself.

  "I'm trying to keep my monthly payments down."
Often when you begin to negotiate a sale with the car dealer, they will present you with a handy chart of four squares: the trade-in value, the price of the new car, the total down payment and your monthly payment.

In fact, this is not the most important thing you need to look at first, the very first price should be the out of door price, including tax, title registration etc. Since your loan will be based on that amount (subtracting down payment and trade-in price), you have to check carefully why the out of door price is so much higher than sales price. Are there any "extras" they added for you without your permission?

  Think twice about the "extras"
Each "extra" you purchase means another commission to the Business Manager. But do you really need these "extras"? Probably not.

One of the common extras is the Extended Service Warranty, in fact, you can easily find cheaper Extended Service Warranty later from other places. Another one is the Alarm Systems, sometimes they even show you that "your car is the No 1 most stolen car in that area!". Don't believe that, they just try to make you scared so you will buy their alarm system.

Also for the leather seat, if you really want to buy, at least not to buy at the beginning, because the price they offered later is quite different from the price they offered you earlier.

  Arrange your financing before you go to the dealership

You might be surprised to hear that the most profitable part of selling a car is actually the financing part! Since the Business Manager works on commission, she may try to trap you in a higher-than-necessary interest rate so she can maximize her commission. Avoid the dealership games by arranging your financing before you set foot in the dealership to buy.

Apply for an auto loan at your bank or credit union. Apply also at reliable online sources. Once at the dealership, compare your best offer with the dealership's offer and decide which is the best deal for you.

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