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Hands-on SAS Programming Skills Tutorial

Little Dumb Doctor(LDD) has been working professionally with SAS in the past decade, daily extensive work on large datasets with more than millions of records and hundreds of varibles, with certifications from: Base/Advanced SAS Programming, Clinical Trail SAS programming and Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner. Most of the study tutorial here are based on real-case business consulting projects. For people interested in analytical competition, kdnuggets.com, kaggle.com. In case if you really want to polish your data scientist/statistician skillsets, you can get the following "7-week free training called Data Incubator". The Data Incubator is free for statistician. Employers only pay a tuition fee if they successfully hire.

Collection of Useful SAS Resources
  Little SAS Manual     SAS programming Skills     SAS Class Notes     SAS tips for data handling (pdf Slides)

  SAS Programming Toturial     SAS Exam preparation   Useful Resources for SAS Professionals
  Most popular SAS websites   Imputation Techniques in SAS   SAS Functions New & Old(very powerful)

SAS Programmer's BookShelf

"Smart" SAS Automation Examples
  01. How to send email in SAS part-I: example and tips
  02. How to send email in SAS part-II: email account settings
  03. SAS Automation by _null_ and %include statement
  04. How to read dynamic macro parameters?
  05. How to generate dummy variables automatically?
  06. How to format Excel file by SAS DDE?
  07. How to create excel pivot table in SAS
  08. Automation for Data Exploring in data mining
  09. One click: Output all SAS files in a folder into csv files
  10. Use put function to get the actual format value

SAS Common Error Q&A
  01. SAS Error: Class not registered,DBMS type EXCEL (ACCESS) not valid
  02. How to read large csv file: Number of names found is less than...
  03. How to Fix sas error: "Catalog SASHelp.Dmine does not exist"

  04. How to install Enterprise miner correctly?
  05. Fix sas error: connection to the remote browser server failed
  06. SAS ERROR: The OLEDB engine cannot be found
  07. SAS ERROR: Too many fields defined
  08. "Invisible" SAS ERROR in reading raw dataset, trick with fslist
  09. SAS error: numerical value out of range

SAS "Cool" Applications
  01. How to get beautiful geographical picture in SAS?
  02. How to generate state/county level output in SAS?
  03. How to generate geographical output via google fusion table?
  04. How to grab web content from page url by SAS?
  05. Keep temporary files and re-direct work folder in SAS
  06. How to customize SAS appearance, html output, number lines?
  07. Change SAS Table view to see columns names, not labels
  08. How to turn the data around nicely?
  09. Tricky way to process data, extend weekly to daily
  10-a. SAS Cool Tips & Tricks of Proc SQL: How to Rank a variable ?
  10-b. SAS Cool Tips & Tricks of Proc SQL: SAS Library dictionaries
  10-c. SAS Cool Tips & Tricks: Moving Average, summarize to the nearest 0.25%
  10-d. SAS Cool Tips & Tricks: Grab data size from a folder or netezza
  11. How to Tranpose millions of records efficiently in SAS/SQL/Netezza
  12. ODS output options: NameLen: NO truncation in the model output
  13. Newton-Raphson Algorithm in SAS
  14. Find the Bayesian posterior MLE estimate in SAS

SAS Import Export files
  01. How to read different kinds of files(csv,excel,) into SAS?
  02. How to read multiple files into SAS within one step?
  03. How can I read external files from FTP into SAS? Symputx?
  04. Tips for survey data: Remove carriage returns

Tips to handle Large datasets
  01. Efficient Techniques and Tips in Handling Large Datasets
  02. Tips to handle large datasets-I: by using Index, Proc Datasets
  03. Tips II: Netezza/SAS Access, Query two large datasets in Netezza?
  04. Tips III: Various Netezza In-house Analytics Functions

  05. Tips IV: How to update temporary data in Netezza?
  06. How to Sort Data in Netezza? How to use group statement?
  07. How to distribute data in Netezza Server
  08. Why we got NULL value when we concatenate two columns? Rename Data?
  09. Top SAS Tuninig Techniques for Large Dataset
  10. Calculate Damerau Levenshtein distance in Netezza
  11. Running SAS procedures inside Netezza
  12. Common Errors collections inside Netezza/SAS running
  13. How to create, drop, alter, insert, table in Hadoop
  14. How to Convert integers to Date/datetime in SAS/Netezza?

Other SAS Tricky "Magics"
  01. Mystery of Proc Sort by Nodup and Nodupkey
  02. How can I easily create lag and lead variables?
  03. Difference between missing values and null values
  04. Powerful Notsorted Option in By Statement
  05. Very Ticky when comparing two numerical numbers in SAS
  06. How do I obtain percentiles not automatically calculated?
  07. How to Speed up SAS coding?
  08. How to handle SAS Enterprise Guide special Issues

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