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Something speicial to Enterprise Guide
which is big different from Basic SAS!

Special 1: If you have loaded the raw into SAS enterprice guide, or transpose the data from vertical to horizontal, you might see there are some strange new variables coming out of the new data:
1. The variable name has space inside?!
2. The variable name starts with numbers?!

How come?! Is that strange? We usually don't have those problems in the regular base SAS. This is due to the new set up in SAS enterprice guide.

Starting from Enterprise Guide V6.1, EG added a Naming options section in Tools->Data->Data General that allows you to control the default valid variable and member naming rules (still defaults to validvarname=any and validmemname=extend). You can change it to V7 if desired to go back to the more restrictive naming rules. that is, change OPTION VALIDVARNAME = ANY ; to


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