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Some useful tips to speed up SAS coding
If you are someone working on SAS coding almost everyday, you might have realized that there are a few SAS codes you need to probably use 10+ times daily. Here we introduce some useful tips to speed up your SAS/Enterprise Guide coding by USING SAS ABBREVIATIONS!

The most frequently used blocks of codes:
type data or Ctrl+{ for:
data  ;
set ;
type proc sql or Ctrl+} for:
proc sql;
create table 
as select 
order group by 
type nz or Ctrl+|for:
execute (create table test1a as  
select a.*,
from test1 as a inner join test2   as b
on a.sale_date_id=b.dateid
sas speed up codeing

You can select all of the keyboard macros to export/import. But the assigned keys are not for export/import. Here is the set of keyboard macros we used most often, you can download and import into SAS or engerprise guide.

Acknowledgement: Some tutorial here are from the famous SAS author Elizabeth.

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