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Mixed Modeling in Statistics

• Numbers are like people; massage them enough and they'll tell you anything.
• You can't prove everything with stats;but you can always find sth. insightful.

A mixed model is a statistical model containing both fixed effects and random effects, that is mixed effects. These models are useful in a wide variety of disciplines in the physical, biological and social sciences. They are particularly useful in settings where repeated measurements are made on the same statistical units, or where measurements are made on clusters of related statistical units.

Lecture Notes for mixed modeling
Here are the detailed lecture notes, step by step explaination. Copyright strictly belong to Dr. Hanford. If you are interested in more details, get those classic books to have a deep understanding.

      Lecture01: matrix algebra
      Lecture02: review of experimental design
      Lecture03: review of linear models

      Lecture04: analysis of covariance
      Lecture05: The uses of mixed models

      Lecture06: normal mixed models
      Lecture07: normal mixed models part II
      Lecture08: normal mixed models part III
      Lecture09: generalized linear models
      Lecture10: generalized linear mixed models

      Lecture11: generalized linear mixed models Part II
      Lecture12: generalized linear mixed models Part III
      Lecture13: Binomial tree, Paccal's trangle
      Lecture14: repeated measures data
      Lecture15: repeated measures data Part II

      Lecture16: repeated measures data Part III
      Lecture17: repeated measures data Part IV
      Lecture18: Cross-over experiments
      Lecture19: Cross-over experiments Part II
      Lecture20: Cross-over experiments Part III

      Lecture21: Cross-over experiments Part IV
      Lecture22: Cross-over experiments Part V
      Lecture23: Cross-over experiments Part VI
      Lecture24: Other Applications of Mixed Models
      Lecture25:Other Applications of Mixed Models Part II

Examples for SAS Mixed modeling demo
For the solutions to homework, you may find in the solution manual.

      Homwork 1             Homwork 2
      Homwork 3             Homwork 4
      Homwork 5             Homwork 6
      Homwork 7             Homwork 8
      Homwork 9             Homwork 10

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