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Top 25 SAS Interview Questions
Both Base and Advanced

Top 25 Basic SAS Interview Questions

1. Steps from raw data to output .
2. Have you used macros n how are you with them?
3. Can you give me some system option for debugging macro error?
4. Why do you use Macros?
5. How do u create a macro variable?
6. Difference between Local and Global macros
7. Just list various Procs you have used .
8. What is the use of Proc corr?
9. Can you explain Proc Compare?
10. Can you explain Proc Report?
11. Use of Put statement?
12. Say u have x=a+b; and x = sum (a,b); what result is expected?
13. Where do you use proc Formats and label?
14. What do you mean by calculated / derived variable?
15. Getting data from databases such as oracle
16. What functions are used to convert Numeric to character variables? vice-versa?
17. Proc Univariate advantages.
18. How do you use your statistical skills in your last projects?
19. What's the difference between proc means and function means?
20. How do you use ODS?
21. How do you use MACRO?
22. What's the difference between SQL and MERGE?
23. What would you do with data validation? What's your process?
24. How would you transport data?
25. How would you rank your expertise in SAS Base/MACRO in a scale of 1 to 10?

Top 25 Advance SAS Interview Questions
1. What different option in SAS Can be used to debug the Macro Program?
2. What is the use of Mprint Option in Macros?
3. What is the application of Minoperator? Explain.
4. Define all ways to create Macro Variable ?
5. What is the difference between Global and Local Symbol Table?
6.Write the entire Syntax of Proc SQL?
7. What is the use of Feedback Option? Where it can be applicable?
8. Do you know the application of Validate key word in SQL?
9. Which Macro Functions are know as a Quoting function?
10. What is the difference between %STR and %NRSTR functions?
11. What is the use of %include? How we can see the source code in SAS?
12. Using macro program how we can print all the dataset available in one SAS Library?
13. How to delete the macro variable from global symbol table? How to delete all macro variable Automatically?
14.Specify the different types of joins in SQL?
15. How processing is different in SQL joins and Data step Merge?
16. Can we use arrays in Proc SQL?
How to create a dataset using SQL Procedure?
17. How can you perform the Benchmarking in SAS Programm? What are the advantages?
18. How many different ways we can create a INDEX in SAS?
19. What are Hash Objects? Advantages of Hash Object. How to create Hash objects in SAS?
20. How to create a Dataset from user define format?
21. What is cntlin= option in format procedure?
22. Write the syntax to make permanent formats by using from a SAS datasets?
23. What is picture formats?
24. What are views? How we can generate the views in SAS?
What is the difference between SAS views and SAS datsets?
25. What is the difference between libraries,Catalogs and dictionaries in SAS?

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