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SAS Programing Certification Exam
Practice Questions & Answer set-46

Practice Question 218

A raw data file is listed below.

son Frank 01/31/89
daughter June 12-25-87

brother Samuel 01/17/51

The following program is submitted using this file as input:

data work.family;
infile 'file-specification'; run;

Which INPUT statement correctly reads the values for the variable Birthdate as SAS date

a. input relation $ first_name $ birthdate date9.;
b. input relation $ first_name $ birthdate mmddyy8.;
c. input relation $ first_name $ birthdate : date9.;
d. input relation $ first_name $ birthdate : mmddyy8.;

Answer: d An informat is used to translate the calendar date to a SAS date value. The date values are in the form of two-digit values for month-day-year, so the MMDDYY8. informat must be used. When using an informat with list input, the colon-format modifier is required to correctly associate the informat with the variable name.

Practice Question 219

To delete all members of a SAS library with a DATASETS procedure, use the keyword...

a) KILL     b) PURGE     c) ERASE     d) DELETEALL

The KILL option is used with the DATASETS procedure to delete all datasets within a library.... There are NO options such as PURGE, ERASE, DELETEALL

Practice Question 220

Identify the valid SAS name?

a) _sasname     b) sas.name     c) sas-name     d) sas name

A SAS Name can start with _ but should not contain any special characters and spaces

Practice Question 221

When the value of a numeric variable is entered as a single period (.), SAS sets the value to:

a) .00     b) 0.0     c) missing     d) unknown value.

It is set to missing in the SAS Dataset

Practice Question 222

What does a SAS data of 0 equal to?
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a) 01jan1900     b)01jan1960     c)01jan2000     d)01jan of the current year.

b is the Answer

Practice Question 223

data _null_ ;

This statement produces:

a) no SAS dataset
b) a SAS dataset named null
c) a SAS dataset named _null_
d) the largest possible dataset

The data _null_ does not produce any dataset. It is majorly used for creating macro variables with call symput or for creating customized reports with PUT statements writing to external files.

Practice Question 224

Which statement can be used to save storage space for the dataset when the values of a SAS Variable are all integers?

a) Trim     b) Retain     c) Length     d) Compress

The Length statement is used to save storage space when the values of SAS variables are all integers
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