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SAS Programing Certification Exam
Practice Questions & Answer set-17

Practice Question 80

Which character function would be used to remove extra spaces from
character strings?

A) SUBSTR     B) TRIM     C) FIND     D) CATX

Answer: D Reasoning: CATX is the most correct answer as it removes both leading and trailing blanks from character strings. TRIM only removes the trailing blanks from character values.

Practice Question 81

Which programming statement is used to perform conditional processing on
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groups of SAS statements?
A) DO     B) BY     C) WHERE     D) IF/THEN

Answer: A Reasoning: The key word in this question is "group". Conditional processing can be performed using some iteration of BY, WHERE, and IF/THEN, but DO provides an opportunity to group statements together.

Practice Question 82

What is the purpose of the SUM statement?
A) To combine numeric variables
B) To obtain a total output of multiple values
C) To produce column totals
D) All of the above

Answer: C Reasoning: In creating reports for SAS programs, the SUM statement is used to create column totals for numeric values

Practice Question 83

Which location pointer identifies the exact line number from which to begin
reading data from?
A) #n pointer     B) input pointer     C) / pointer     D) Column pointer

Answer: A Reasoning: The #n pointer references the absolute number of the line for moving the pointer to read data.

Practice Question 84

What would be the correct raw data value of a datatime field for Dec 15, 1986 10:00pm for SAS?

A) 10942     B) 10935     C) 15756360     D) 121519862200

Answer: C Reasoning: The datetime value is the number of seconds from midnight on 1/1/1960. This of course would be a rather large number, in fact, 120 seconds from 10942 days (including 7 extra days from leap years). The last answer is incorrect as it is the date and time written out without any delimiters.

Practice Question 85

Each data set has a descriptive portion providing useful information about
the data set. Which of the following items would not be found in the descriptive portion?

A) Creation data and time     B) Set name
C) Information on labels     D) Error messages

Answer: D Reasoning: Error messages are found in the program log, not the descriptive portion of the data set.

Practice Question 86

Which of the following statements is not true for list inputs?

A) Fields cannot be skipped or re-read
B) Fields are read from left to right
C) Fields must be separated by a delimiter
D) The MISSOVER option must be used at all times to read missing values

Answer: D Reasoning: If missing values are represented by a special character that is not used as a separated of data, then the MISSOVER option is not required

Practice Question 87

Which of the following statements is not correct about crosstabulation of

A) Frequency calculations for number of cells that appear will be included in table
B) Crosstabulation is used when comparing three or more distinct variables
C) The first variable listed in the TABLES statement will define the rows of the table
D) Each level of variables will be represented by a separate two-way table

Answer: B Reasoning: Crosstabulation is used when comparing two distinct variables. More variables may be compared as well.

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