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SAS Programing Certification Exam
Practice Questions & Answer set-14

Practice Question 57

Which of the following methods for combining data sets is distinguished for
its use of the BY statement?
A) Interweaving     B) Match-merging     C) Concatenation     D) None of the above

Answer: A Reasoning: Match-merging is distinguished by the MERGE statement and concatenation by multiple
SET statements. The interweaving method uses BY statements to choose which observations are appropriate from each of the data sets. Though the match-merging method also uses BY statements to focus the observations used, it must have the MERGE statement to perform properly.

Practice Question 58

Which of the following is not an error identified during the compilation

A) Quotation marks are unbalances
B) No RUN statement in the step
C) An option is invalid
D) Semicolons are missing in statements

Answer: B Reasoning: The compilation phase will identify most syntax errors, while the executing phase will identify processing errors. No RUN or QUIT statement will result in processing to continue indefinitely.

Practice Question 59

Which of the following programming conventions can be used in conjunction
with the line-hold specifier, @@?

A) @ pointer control
B) MISSOVER option
C) column input
D) INPUT statement

Answer: D Reasoning: A, B, C should not be used with the double training at line-hold specifier.

Practice Question 60

What must happen for DO Loops to be nested within each other?

A) Each DO loop must end in a RUN statement
B) A condition must be in place to determine if the DO loop should be done
C) An OUTPUT statement is required to ensure the result of the DOloop is retained
D) A unique index-variable name must be assigned for each iterative DO statement

Answer: D Reasoning: DO statements must end with an END statement. A condition is not necessary. The OUTPUT statement is used to create observations for each iteration of the DO loop. A unique indexvariable name is required when nesting DO loops.

Practice Question 61

Which of the following in a correctly created data set name?

A) _Set.name     B) addAnew_1     C) 0pen_2C1other_rtm*XCX    
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D) create\B4infinity

Answer: B Reasoning: Data set names can be 1-32 characters long and consists and begin with alphanumeric characters and underscores.

Practice Question 62

When are SAS arrays not used?

A) SAS arrays are used to compare variables
B) SAS arrays are used to change variables to observations
C) SAS arrays are used to group data within the data set
D) SAS arrays are used to perform repetitive calculations

Answer: C Reasoning: SAS arrays are a temporary grouping of variables that exist for the duration of a data step. They will not 'group' data within the data set.

Practice Question 63

Several libraries are created during a SAS session by default. Which of the
following is not one of those libraries?

A) Sasuser     B) Libname     C) Sashelp     D) Work

Answer: B Reasoning: All of the libraries are created by default except libref, which is not a library but a keyword for naming a library.

Practice Question 64

When is character-to-numeric conversion not automatically performed?

A) When used in an arithmetic operation
B) When used within a WHERE statement
C) When compared to a numeric value
D) When assigned a defined numeric variable

Answer: B Reasoning: A WHERE statement will not use automatic conversion of any kind.
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