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How to Fix SAS Error
ERROR: The OLEDB engine cannot be found
TERADATA engine cannot be found

Question: When we are using libname statement to access some database, we may get some error in the log like the following:
"ERROR: The (OLEDB or TERADATA or netezza) engine cannot be found

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

Answer: Say we are accessing some database using the libname statement:

        libname newlab oledb init_string="Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;
                        Integrated Security=SSPI;
                        Persist Security Info=True;
                        Initial Catalog=StagingForecast;
                        Data Source=ABC-DEF-GHIJ.corp.KLMN.com"

Then we got the error message in the log window:
"ERROR: The OLEDB engine cannot be found.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.".

        libname mvpvu teradata user="&dduser." password="&ddpass."
                        tdpid=mvp database=MVP_DS;

1) Verify if you have a license that includes the access to OLEDB/netezza/Teradata engine. check carefully, you may have the ODBC engine, but you don't have the licence to OLEDB engine. You can double check this by running the following code:
proc setinit noalias; run;

proc product_status; run;
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You may have some output like the following:
        < SAS Server >
        Original site validation data
        Site name: 'ABC CO INC'.
        Site number: 123456789.
        Expiration: 15JUL2012.
        Grace Period: 45 days (ending 29AUG2012).
        Warning Period: 46 days (ending 14OCT2012).
        System birthday: 03JUL2012.
        Operating System: WX64_SV .
        Product expiration dates:
        ---Base SAS Software 15JUL2012
        ---SAS/STAT 15JUL2012
        ---SAS/GRAPH 15JUL2012
        ---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 15JUL2012
        ---SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC 15JUL2012
        ---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access 15JUL2012
        ---SAS Workspace Server for Enterprise Access 15JUL2012
        ---SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza 15JUL2012
        ---DataFlux Trans DB Driver 15JUL2012
        ---SAS Framework Data Server 15JUL2012

Notice the highlighted ODBC licence, but no OLEDB licence. You may also get it work by transfering to the following code

2) And if yes verify if the access to OLEDB/netezza/Teradata engine is installed. On windows verify for the presence of the binaries. To do this, go to the Windows Explorer and look in the !sasroot\access\sasexe subdirectory for SASIOTRA.DLL and SASTRA.DLL. If you do not see these DLLs listed, then you do not have this product installed.

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