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SAS Certification Exam Study Tutorial

According to Support.SAS.com, a recent study showed that 83% of career professionals reported earning a SAS certification helped them get a promotion, and 66% reported earning a SAS certification helped them get a raise in salary.

Little Dumb Doctor(LDD) has been working professionally with SAS in the past decade, daily extensive work on large datasets with more than millions of records and hundreds of varibles, with certifications from:
Base/Advanced SAS Programming (95% pass)
Clinical Trail SAS programming (97% pass)
Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner (90% pass)
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Introduction: There are two SAS programming certificates the SAS educaiton institute provides, one for based and one for advanced. Here we provide some SAS study tutorial, practice problems with solutions for the certification exams.
SAS practice exam with solutions, Little SAS Manual, Useful Resources for SAS professionals, SAS programming Skills,

SAS For Beginers, SAS programming efficiency, SAS Proc GLM, http://support.sas.com/certify/reg/index.html for exam registration. Both base and advanced exams are computer-based test, make your choice of answers and you will know your score right after the exam. How do you prepare SAS programming eximnation, it depends on your background:
  SAS Clinical Trial exam preparation   SAS Study Tutorial Case Study

Highly Recommended SAS Books

(1) For those who have taken SAS class in college, some courses' name would be "Introduction to Statistical Computing" or "Statistical Computer Packages", generally speaking, they cover the topics like:

input, output, and editing of data; graphical procedures; descriptive statistics;
cross-tabulation; inferential statistical techniques including estimation and testing; regression; and analysis of variance; advanced graphical procedures, linear models (regression and analysis of variance), multivariate techniques, and SAS macros;

then you can simply registered the exam and take the base examination right away, or a few days to review those stuff you learnt, download those pdf study notes:
SAS Tutorial Class Notes (pdf Slides),   SAS Programming Toturial Collection,   SAS Exam preparation Guide.
Based on my own experience and the feedback from my previous students, most likely you forget those if you haven't touched them for a while, so personally I recommend that, you spend 1-2 weeks to review those stuff throughly before taking the exam, especially if you want to get high score(over 95%).

(2) For those who barelly touched SAS before, and still want to get the Base SAS programming certificate, there are two choices for you:

   (i) Borrow those SAS course notes and handout from your classmates, friends; If you share/facebook this webpage with your friends, (LDD)Little Dumb Doctor can send you a few more tutorial study notes. To let us know that you complete this, simply cc this email when you share/facebook the webpage with your friends. you can also email us by the following link:
click here to contact us, How can I learn SAS effectively? Most popular SAS websites, Also read SAS Tutorial section here, Good SAS datasets for practice.

When you contact us, it would be more convenient to us if you can have a brief introduction about yourself, e.g. are you a currently full-time student or working? How long you have been using SAS? Are you a SAS beginner? or you have been using SAS for a few years? so we know which material will be more fit in your background.

   (ii) There are several books available on the markets, you can easily google one.

In fact, there is one more choice, you can take SAS Certification Practice Exam training session/workshop provided by SAS education. Personally, I don't recommend this, it's just too expensive for students.

Note: After you pass the Base SAS programming examination(you would get a certificate from SAS institute, also you can find your name on the official SAS certificate passing list), it's time for you to get more practice by doing practical reality projects/problems. The certificate is just a bridge to help you get a good chance to work in SAS industry. It takes quite some time to get familar with SAS. No shortcut to become an SAS expert!

Don't forget 50% discount if you are university faculty, staff, or students!
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