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SAS Tutorial: Send Email in SAS part-II
How to set up email account before sending email in SAS?

In case if there was a window jumping out, mentioning you need to input some email settings, like: incoming mail server(POP3,IMAP/HTTP) or outgoing mail server(SMTP), it's because you haven't set up the outlook email account, especially if you are working on the remote SAS server.

Here is an example to show you how to set up the email account in outlook express. Outlook express is an free e-mail and news client that is included with Internet Explorer and Windows. It's different from Microsoft Office Outlook.

We set up the outlook express here for SAS, but we don't really need to use outlook express for your email service. It's simply a bridge for you to send email in SAS.

Something to Note:

Since we are not really using the account in outlook express for email service(it's simply to help you send email in SAS), we want to keep all the emails in our original email box(for example, your gmail account). Outlook express just keep a copy of them, we need to specify the options: In outlook express, menu
Tools--> Accounts--> mail.***.com --> properties --> Advanced --> Check the box as showed in the above pictures(bottom left).

To prevent the warning window jumping out when sending emails in SAS(so no interruption), we need to specify the options: In outlook express, menu
Tools --> Options --> Security --> Uncheck the warning box as showed in the above pictures(bottom right).

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