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Tips in installing Enterprise Miner
How to install Enterprise miner correctly?

Question: If you have read the previous tutorial of how to fix SAS error: Catalog SASHelp.Dmine does not exist, and you have done the changes according to the instruction there, but enterprise miner is still not working, most likely, you didn't install enterprice miner correctly.

To install Enterprise Miner correctly, before installing
Read this Enterprise miner installation guide carefully(in pdf downloadable format).
/*stop any running anti-virus software, windows update, firewall. */

Question. How do we install enterprise miner correctly, getting the "DMINE" error go away and to show up under
C:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.2

Answer: All SAS Programs/applications/services needs to be stopped.
Install SAS Software (from the original order installed on the server),
--> this doesn't actually install but adds to your existing installation

Point to the license file (SID) that contains Enterprise Miner
--> This will create the "Dmine" folder and you will be able to launch via typing "eminer" within SAS 9.2

1. You must create a (or install from an existing) SAS Software Depot
- see http://support.sas.com/kb/39/379.html, see this help file for more information.

2. You must use a planned deployment.
You should use one of the Enterprise Miner standard deployment plans.
Enterprise Miner, one machine
Enterprise Miner and Text Miner, one machine
Enterprise Miner for Desktop, one machine
Enterprise Miner for Desktop and Text Miner, one machine

**Look at your SID/license file for clues. If you see "Desktop" in your SID then you need to use a standard deployment plan with "Desktop" in it. The same applies for Text Miner. Also, when you choose a deployment plan, look for any products that may be in bold. If you see this, you have chosen the wrong deployment plan. In this case, reexamine your SID file and then choose the appropriate plan. **

This is different than SAS 9.1.3:
In SAS 9.1.3, your plan was chosen for you.
In 9.2, you will have to select a plan from the pull-down menu.

3. You must configure the software. The configuration process is what creates the shortcut from Start > Programs > SAS > Analytics.

4. Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 specific information:

Right click on setup.exe and "run as administrator"
Also, it's required that you install a different java version than the default version
*do this before installing and then point to java 6.14 when prompted*.

5. If you are not installing while on a domain, you must add your pc hostname to the
C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file on the

a. localhost line
b. use localhost as the fully qualified domain name when going through installation

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