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Tips in invoking Enterprise Miner
How to Fix sas error: "Catalog SASHelp.Dmine does not exist"

Question: When you type "miner" in SAS command line or click the SAS-->Solutions-->Analysis-->Enterprise Miner, people often see the following error message appears in the SAS log window:

Error: Catalog SASHelp.Dmine does not exist.
By the source from SAS customer support, http://support.sas.com, they mentioned the following solution, but it actually may not work. (You can try this step first; if it's not working, then continue reading the next tutorial.)

"This message appears if the SAS configuration file does not have the proper mappings for Enterprise Miner.

To correct this problem, open the SASroot\SASV8.CFG file for the SAS 8.x release or the SASroot\NLS\EN\SASV9.CFG file for the SAS 9.x release in a plain text editor like Notepad. Find the following sections and make sure that the mappings for dmine are there (see below). If they are not, add them, save the file, and restart SAS.

/* Setup the SAS System autocall library definition */
/* Setup the SAS System help directory definition */
/* Setup the SAS System message directory definition */
-MSG (
/* Setup the SAS System sample cat directory definition */
/* Setup the SAS System sample src directory definition */
) /* Setup the SAS System teststream directory definition */

If you have changed those, but the enterprise miner is still not working, or you may see some error in the log window:
"... libraries do not exist ...."

Then it's possibly you haven't install SAS with enterprise miner correctly(the default installation doesn't include enterprise folder "Analytics"). TO double check, you can go to C:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.2 and check if you have a "dmine" folder.

You can run the following code to double check your SAS licence status:

proc setinit noalias; run;

proc product_status; run;

If you find out your have enterprise miner is still valid or in the warning period, but you can't still run SAS after the previous change(the error still show up when you open enterprise miner), then we can almost confirm that you haven't install enterprice miner correctly. The next tutorial will help you solve that problem, giving you a few tips/instructions of installing enterprise miner in SAS.

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