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Change SAS Table view to see columns names, not labels

Question: Everytime when we click the data in SAS explorer, we are viewing the columns' labels(which is the default setting in SAS), not columns' names .

If we want to see the columns' names, we have to click the menu: View --> Column Names. In the long run, how can we change this default setting? so we automatically see the columns' names after the click on the data.

Answer: There are several places mentioning how to change this default seting: for example, Randy offered a solution in his tip on SAS-L, and Mr.& Mrss. Carey pointed out in their paper.

Here we provide more step by step solutions for this, tested successfully on SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 9.2.

The following is from the paper by Mr.& Mrss. Carey, but the corresponding snapshot is not matched, here we provide more details with the snapshot step by step.

1. The menu bar is context sensitive. Therefore, first click in the SAS Explorer window in your SAS session to make it the active window.
2. Select Tools --> Options --> Explorer. from the menu bar.
3. Select the Members tab in the Explorer Options window.

4. Select Table under the column type and then click the Edit button.
5. Select the action &Open and click the Edit button.
6. Add colheading=name argument to the action command;Colheading=label is the default.

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