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Top 10 most useful SAS Websites for SAS Programmer

According to the latest survey report from the paper by Charles and Kirk

presented at SAS Global Forum 2011, here are the top 10 websites most frequently mentioned by SAS programmers.

1. Support.SAS.com
2. LexJansen.com
3. Google.com
4. sasCommunity.org
5. SAS-L archive
6. SAS.com
7. NESUG.org
8. blogs.SAS.com
9. SESUG.org
10. SAS Global Forum

If you can read some other asian language(Chinese), I would highly recommend those two websites:

However, in terms of problem solving, the most useful SAS resource for SAS programmers, we propose the following:

1. SAS help and documentation
This is always the first choice for us whenever we feel some difficulties or something unsure, simply click the menu: Help --> SAS help and documentation --> type the keyword in the Index catogory, or search category, it's just so convenient.

2. Google.com
If we can't find anything useful in the SAS help and documentation, then we can type the keywords in the most popular google search engine. You can specify the exact search by using the sign " ".

3. Support.SAS.com Discussion Forum
If we still can't find the solution to our SAS issues/problems after the above two steps, then we can go to the most popolar SAS forums to either search solution or submit our questions there. You are expected to get replies from SAS exports pretty soon.

4. sasCommunity.org This is the place you can easily find a lot of most live/recent posts/blogs for SAS tips, you can get connections directly with those popular/famous SAS experts there.

5. In general, you can solve all your issues in the previous 4 steps. In case if you want to do more research, grab a paper to read more carefully, then those might be useful.
SAS Global Forum
SAS Consultant Special Interest Group
Lillte Dumb Doctor(forgive my shamelessness)

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