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Regression Analysis Study Notes
Step by Step Example Explanation in SAS

  • Which model to choose: Glm, Mixed, Genmod, Logistics, Glimmix
  • Confounding and Collinearity in Multiple Linear Regression

  • Introduction to Logistic regression in SAS
  • Logistic regression: Data Preparation
  • Logistic regression: ROC/AUC Interpretation
  • Logistic regression: KS stats calculation

  • Logistic regression: Interpret Odds ratio, ROC Curve, Concordant
  • Logistic regression: Confounding and Collinearity
  • Proc StdRate for Descriptive Analytics   • Effective Variable Selection Based on sampling

Simple Linear Regression Analysis in SAS, Regression Analysis Study Notes 1: Linear Regression,
Contents: pdf study notes to cover regression analysis from introductory to in depth, good tutorial to understand regression theory in and out.

1. Simple Linear Regression Analysis
2. General and Generalized Linear Regression
3. Logistics Regression

Regression Analysis Study Notes 2: Interpretation in SAS

Contents: pdf study notes for regression analysis in SAS examples, how to exam,interprete,validate SAS regression output.

1. Linear Regression Example in SAS
2. Chi Square Analysis Output Interpretation

Survival Analysis in SAS
Contents: pdf study notes for Survival analysis in SAS examples.

1. Proc PhReg application in SAS
2. Proc LifeReg Interpretation in SAS

Time Series Analysis in SAS
Contents: pdf study notes for regression analysis for time series data.

1. How to detect when to use time series modeling?
2. Partial Correlaion Network Analysis

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