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Pre-Calculus Hands-on Study Tutorial

Q: How can you tell that a mathematician is extroverted?
A: When talking to you, he looks at your shoes instead of at his.

Teacher: What is 2k + k?
Student: 3000!

Introduction: Pre-calculus is sometimes also called as "introduction to mathematics for college students" or "beginning algebra", "college algebra", it basically covers all the stuff that is needed/prepared for the calculus course.

Midterm Exam with Solutions
We provide midterm exams with detailed solutions with step by step explaination, plus the grading rules(so you know the tips to get partial credits!)

    Midterm 1 with Solutions     Midterm 2 with Solutions     Midterm 3 with Solutions     Star I Midterm Exam

    Midterm 1 with solutions-Page 1   Midterm 1 w/ solutions-P2   Midterm 1 w/ solutions-P3   Midterm 1 w/ solutions-P4
    Midterm 2 with solutions-Page 1   Midterm 2 w/ solutions-P2   Midterm 2 w/ solutions-P3   Midterm 2 w/ solutions-P4

    Midterm 4 with Solutions     Midterm 5 with Solutions     Midterm 6 with Solutions     Star II Midterm Exam

Final Exam with step-by-step Solutions
We provide the comprehensive final exams, and the detailed solutions with step by step explaination, plus the final grading rules!

    Final Exam 1 with solutions -Page 1     Final Exam 1 with solutions -Page 2     Final Exam 1 with solutions -Page 3
    Final Exam 1 with solutions -Page 4     Final Exam 1 with solutions -Page 5     Final Exam 1 with solutions -Page 6
    Final 1 with Solutions     Final 2 with Solutions         Final 3 with Solutions         Star Final Exam

    Final 4 with Solutions     Final 5 with Solutions         Final 6 with Solutions         Star Final Exam with Solution

Lecture Notes
We provide the example-demonstrated lecture notes, step by step explaination.
Class notes: chapter 1       Class notes: chapter 2       Class notes: chapter 3
Class notes: chapter 4       Class notes: chapter 5       Class notes: chapter 6
Class notes: chapter 7       Class notes: chapter 8       Class notes: chapter 9
Class notes by Dr. Veeh , Copyright strictly belongs to Dr. Veeh, in case if his link not availabe, you can contact us here,
we can check if there are some other catched copy online.

In case if you feel difficult for some exercise in the textbook, you may check the following solution manual for the classic textbooks.

Sample exam with solutions
We provide another set of sample exmas with step by step explaination.
  • Exam 1 with Solutions     Exam 2 w/ Solutions     Exam 3 w/ Solutions     Exam 4 with Solutions     Exam 5 with Solutions
  • PreCalculus-Help: How to do well on PreCalculus exams     Common PreCalculus Mistakes to Avoid

  • Tip to Success In School
            I hear, and I forget.
                I see, and I remember.
                    I do, and I understand.
                        - Confucius (551 - 479 BC)

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