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Linear Algebra Hands-on Study Tutorial

Introduction: Linear algebra is sometimes also called "matrix algebra", "linear programming", "applied algebra with business applications" etc.

Lecture Notes
We provide the example-demonstrated lecture notes, step by step explaination.
Class lecture notes with examples, over 100 pages

Linear Algebra: An Introduction to Linear Algebra, for Pre-Calculus Students.
by Dr. Carter, Dr. Tapia, and Dr. Papakonstantinou. You may find this text useful especially for the first part of our course.

Linear Algebra by Dr. Hefferon, electronical textbook.

Elementary Linear Algebra, lecture notes by Dr. Matthews.

Linear Algebra and Applications Textbook by Dr. Shores.

In case if you feel difficult for some exercise in the textbook, you may check the following solution manual for the classic textbooks.

Homework with solutions
How to solve real practical application problems in linear algebra?

Linear algebra Homework 1       Linear algebra Homework 2       Linear algebra Homework 3

Practice is the best of all instructors. We all learnt by doing, by experimenting
(and often failing) and by asking questions.

Tip to Success In School
        I hear, and I forget.
            I see, and I remember.
                I do, and I understand.
                    - Confucius (551 - 479 BC)

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