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Game theory Study Tutorial

Practice is the best of all instructors. We all learnt by doing, by experimenting(and often failing) and by asking questions.

Lecture Notes
We provide the example-demonstrated lecture notes, step by step explaination.

      Lecture01: Example of Games       Lecture02: Game Trees       Lecture03: Game of Miniature Parcheesi

      Lecture04: Game of Strategies       Lecture05: Infinity Trees       Lecture06: Two Player Zero-Sum Games
      Lecture07: Values of Games and Zermelo’s Algorithm       Lecture08: Finding Value from the Strategic Form of a Game
      Lecture09: Saddle Points and Nash Equilibria       Lecture10: Games of Chance
      Lecture11: Probability Distributions and Compound Lotteries       Lecture12: Strategies for Games with Chance Moves
      Lecture13: Games on Matrices     Lecture14: Bimatrix Games     Lecture15: Mixed Strategies and 2-Player Games
      Lecture16: Interlude: Maxima on Simplices       Lecture17: Fixed Points for the Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
      Lecture18: Nash’s Theorem       Lecture19: Randomized Bimatrix Games       20: Zero-Sum Games, Minimax Theorem
      Lecture21: Symmetric Games       Lecture22: Zero-sum Games and Linear Programming

In case if you feel difficult for some exercise in the textbook, you may check the following solution manual for the classic textbooks.
Homework with solutions
Homwork 1 with solutions       Homwork 2 with solutions             Homwork 3 with solutions

Homwork 4 with solutions       Homwork 5 with solutions       Homwork 6 with solutions
      Homwork 7 with solutions

Tip to Success In School
        I hear, and I forget.
            I see, and I remember.
                I do, and I understand.
                    - Confucius (551 - 479 BC)

Try to do those exams by youself, after you finish and write down your solutions, then compare with the solutions step by step, you will learn much much more.

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