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What does those abbreviations stand for?

Those internet abbreviations are very useful in the internet communications, try to get familiar with those so we don't fall behind too much.

  ttyl = talk to you later
  lol = laugh out loud
  brb = be right back
  gtg (or g2g) = got to go

  aka = as known as
  rofl = rolling on floor laughing
  rme = rolling my eyes
  wrud = what r u doing
  bff = best friends forever
  w/e Whatever
  w/o Without
  XOXO Hugs and kisses
  ZZZ Sleeping

Performance Appraisal Terms and Their Real Meanings (Thanks to JennyP)

Appraisal Term Meaning
Average Employee Not that bright
Active Socially Drinks a lot
Character Above Reproach Still one step ahead of the law
Quick Thinking Offers plausible excuses
Careful Thinker Won’t make a decision
Plans for advancement Buys drinks for all the boys/girls
Uses Logic on Difficult jobs Gets someone else to do it
Meticulous Attention to Detail A nit picker
Has Leadership Qualities Has a loud voice
Exceptionally Good Judgment Lucky
Keen Sense of Humour Knows a lot of dirty jokes
Of Great Value to the Organisation Gets to work on time
Independent Worker Nobody knows what he/she does
Loyal Can’t get a job anywhere else

  IHS: an international company, "Information Handling Services"

A publicly traded business information services company based in Douglas County, Colorado, United States. IHS serves international clients in four major areas: energy, product lifecycle, environment, and security. IHS provides industry data, technical documents, custom software applications, and consulting services.

  EBITDA: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization.
It is a non-GAAP metric that is measured exactly as stated. All interest, tax, depreciation and amortization entries in the income statement are reversed out from the bottom-line net income. It purports to measure cash earnings without accrual accounting, canceling tax-jurisdiction effects, and canceling the effects of different capital structures.

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