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What we should prepare in case of earthquake?

Before 1994, California had been frequently visited by earthquakes(with magnitude bigger than 6.0); Since then, it has been pretty quite for quite a while. In other words, a big earthquake has been overdue for quite a while.

  Backup all of you important documents in the electronic forms. Digital forms are much more easier to store. Those documents are easily to get destroyed in the big disaster. It's also meaningful to prepare one in case some important documents are missing.

  Sign up emergence alert for your community, for example, if there is some big fire happening nearby your neighborhood, you can get noticed either by text messages or calls if you are in those emergence alert system. You can easily google those program for your community.

For Orange county residents, click the following emergence alert(OCAlert) to sign up:
For San Bernadino residents: http://my.sbcounty.gov/Tens/TensContact.aspx

  Prepare a printed map inside your car. In case the big earthquake happens, GPS may not work. Also there might be a lot of interruption on the way, and you need to route a lot.

  Write down Emergence numbers. Electronic devices are most likely not working after the big earthquake, it's difficult for you to find the numbers with the flashlights(first figure out where are the flashlights!).

Emergence numbers include: City emergence help hot-line(where to go), City police/fire station number(or 911), Gas company number(find out where is the place to turn off water and gas inside your house)(don't turn off the gas unless you really have to, it takes a while to light up), Community Emergence Response Team(CERT) number, important out of state family contacts

  Wherever you are, protect yourself(especially head) with your arms.

During the earthquake, if you are in bed, hold on and stay there, protecting your head with a pillow. Otherwise, try to hide yourself under tables(Drop, Cover, Hold on!) Trying to run out of a building around puts you at risks.

Stay inside your car if possible(similarly, stay inside your car when accidents happened on the free-way, very dangerous to go out of car )

  Emergency Supply Checklist. This one is only theoretically helpful, it just seems to be too much, try to prepare as much as possible.

  A good website to see the California earthquake history: http://projects.californiawatch.org/earthquakes/california-earthquake-history/

  Real-Time monitoring for earthquakes: Real-time earthquake in California Nevada

  24-Hour Aftershock Forecast: 24-Hour earthquake Forecast

  Community Emergence Response Training(CERT), it's a very useful statewide program to help people to learn how to save themselve and others after the big diaster. Here are the links for differenct counties in California, try to register one, it provides hands-on training classes usually for several weeks.

  1. Orange county CERT program
  2. Los Angeles county CERT program
  3. Riverside county CERT program
  4. San Bernadino county CERT program

If it's none of the abover, you can always find from the following link: http://www.citizencorps.gov/cc/searchCouncil.do?submitByZip

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