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1. Copy Paste Stop Working between Remote Desktop and laptop
2. Can't save documents at remote server after undocking laptop

In the 1st part of tutorial, we are solving an issue that copy/paste funcitonality not working between remote desktop and local computer. In other words, we can't copy/paste from remote machine to local machine or from local machine to remote machine. How can we solve this?

Restarting both the computers it will not work (Do not restart your live servers in any case, also restarting is not the solution please read the solution at the end of article). I played with few administrative services, again no luck. I was very frustrated for two days as it was very inconvenient to copy/paste and I did not had solution.

After playing with different services and process for a while, we found following solution. The solution works perfectly.

1) First of all go to task manager(Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Alt+End in some computers) in remote machine. Go to processes and kill process rdpclip.exe.
2) After that to go Start >> Run >> type rdpclip.exe and press OK.
Click the following image to see bigger picture.

This will fix your remote desktop copy/paste issue.

If you want to share files across remote desktop. Follow following instructions.

Go to Remote Desktop Connections >> Options >> Local Resources >> Local Devices >> Turn on Checkbox of Disk drives and click Connect. Click the above image to see larger picture.

2. Can't save documents onto remote server after undock laptop

Sometimes you can't save your documents(excel, ppt,word) back to remote servers after you undock your laptop. This is possibly due to some setttings in network adapter.

Right click "my computer", ==> "properties" ==> "Device manager" ==> "network adapter", click the following to see bigger picture.

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