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Tutorial for PowerPivot on Excel

PowerPivot is a free add-in into Excel 2010 and beyond, more powerful than the regular pivot table. Two key Highlights:
1) Work with over a million rows of data in seconds
2) Similar to Join in SQL, you can join different data/tabs together.

Step by step guide on installing PowerPivot for Excel :
• If you use an operation system other than Windows 7, install .NET3.5 SP1 first.
• Download and install Microsoft Office 2010. Note: you need to install Both Excel 2010 and Office Shared tools, or you will not be able to register PowerPivot add-in.
Click the following video tutorial to get a taste of powerpivot.
Download and install PowerPivot add-in here. Note: If you use Excel 32bit, you must download 32bit PowerPivot. If you are using Excel 64bit then you must download 64bit PowerPivot addin.
• Start Excel 2010. You might have to confirm that you want to "install this customization". After that you can start using PowerPivot.
Additional resources:
Video on how to install PowerPivot for Excel.
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Technet: Install PowerPivot Add-In for Excel
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How to install PowerPivot for Excel and list of know issues
Tutorials containing PowerPivot Samples/Examples
More Videos containsing PowerPivot demonstration.
More known issues discussed in more details.
How to install PowerPivot for Excel and list of know issues.
More powerpivot help from Microsoft.
• Download PowerPivot Help file (link from here).

Acknowledgement: The copyright for the Video Tutorial belongs to chandoo, you can take a course from chandoo to learn more.

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