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Tips to make a beautiful chart

"Sometimes a small improvement/adjustment can make big changes, generating much more beautiful chart."" Click to download the popular paper:

10 tips to create useful beautiful visualizations
       --LDD(Little Dumb Doctor)

1. Present rank data more reasonably, nicely

We usually have the impression that, the smaller of the rank, the better of the output. Instead of going down, we can change the chart to go up. you can change the axis property by checking the option: "values in reverse order".


2. Remove extra stuff(grid lines, black background etc.), highlight your point.
If you compare the following two graphs, which one is more clear?

3. One slide, one focus!

If you are trying to put more than 2 key points on one chart/graph, then you just can't grab audience's attention. It's just too much to see at one time!

For the following graph, the person was trying to show the trend for a dozen of items, can you really see clearly for each one? If you really have to show in one graph, then at least use a secondary axis, and try to adjust each axis so they are easily separate. Or using some animation to show step by step: adding one at each time.


Acknowledgement: Thanks for the helpful tips from Cole Nussbaumer, manager for people analytics team at google, and compensatin insider blog.

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