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How to forward outlook email on specific time of day

Sometimes people want to forward their company's outlook email to their other email accounts, but only on some specific time of the day, or the weekend. In other words, here is the qustion asked quite often:

"I have a rule that forwards messages from certain people in my organization to my personal email account so I can respond to urgent matters when I am away from the office. I would like to modify the rule so that it only fires outside of working hours and days (i.e., after 4pm weekdays and all day Sat & Sun).

Lets say you want to have a rule in outlook send to you only between specific
times in the day

Only after 6pm and before 8am
• Only on your lunch hour
• When you are not at work

I will explain this by having emails forward to my cell phone, only when I am normally not at the office. (From 6pm-8am) This way, I will be able to receive important emails that may require special outside assistance.

Create a rule
Outlook includes rule templates for common scenarios. Use these rule templates, or create design your own custom rules.

• Click the File tab.
• Click Manage Rules & Alerts.
• In the Rules and Alerts dialog box, on the E-mail Rules tab, click New Rule.
• Under Step 1: Select a template, select the template that you want from the Stay Organized or Stay Up to Date collection of templates.
• Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click an underlined value. For example, if you click the people or public group link, the Address Book opens.
• Click Next.
... • Under Step 2: Setup rule options, select the check boxes for the options that you want.
• If you want to run this rule on messages that already are in the Inbox, select the Run this rule now on messages already in Inbox" check box.
• By default, the new rule is turned on. To turn off the rule, clear the Turn on this rule check box.
• To apply this rule to all email accounts set up in Outlook, select the Create this rule on all accounts check box.
• Click Finish.

What I do is:

• Create a special category called FWD
• Use other rules to set messages into the FWD category if I want them forwarded. (Explained Below)
• Then, create a rule to run last in the rules list called FWD Rule
*Important Part* This will check the time on the messages, if it’s within the specified hours, it will forward the email (Explained Below)

Creating a Rule to set the FWD Category:
Your Rule Description should look something like this. The important part is that it is assigning it to the FWD Category:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
with 'Emergency from client' in the subject
    and marked as 'high importance'
    and assigned to 'FWD' Category
The Rule that will email header* for UTC times. Make sure it’s assigned to the FWD category. And then FWD it:
Apply this rule after the message arrives
with '2011 23:' or '2011 02:' or ... '2011 10:' in the message header
    and assigned to 'FWD' category
forward it to 'youraccount@gmail.com'

* This should work on most emails, but if you want to look at the email header Right-click on the message in the Inbox and select Message Options.
* I included the 2014 and the colon to make it more specific.
UTC Time for 6pm – 8am:
Email Header contained:
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 18 Feb 2014 03:23:52.0368 (UTC)
So I searched for:
2014 01:,2014 02:,2014 03:,2014 04:,2014 05:,2014 06:,2014 07:,2014 08:,
2014 17:,2014 18:,2014 19:,2014 20:,2014 21:,2014 22:,2014 23:,2014 00:,

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