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Highly Persuasive Presentation Secrets --Part I
Study Notes from the Most Valuable Presentation Fellow Ellen

Recently I paid to join seminar "Highly Persuasive Presentation Secrets: How you
can deliver amazing presentations with advanced animation and video techniques
" by the famous Presentation Fellow Ellen, and I was so touched by her presentation skillsets! Really Amazing!

I bought two of her famous presenation books, there are more insightful points!
  ...   101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know ($19.97) 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know

7 Steps to Great Images ($6.95)
7 Steps to Great Images
Here are some snapshot of her presentation, very impressive!

emotional beautiful presentation ppt slides

She Highly Recommended conference for professionals: "Presentation Summit".

Collection of good graphs can be found at Microsoft Office Gallery.

An excellent site is stock.xchng. This is a huge, well-trafficked site. You can upload your own photos, and find zillions that you can use. The site is easy to search, as well.

Another site is morgueFile. It offers free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits.

Flickr, which you’ve probably heard of, is another site that lets people contribute their own images. Many are simply personal photos, but you can still find some good ones. Here’s how you can find photos you can use legally:

• Enter your search term in the Search box and press Enter.
• From results page, click "Advanced Search" link to the right of Search button.
• Scroll down, check "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" box.
• Check the other two check boxes if appropriate.
• Click the Search button.

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