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What is Sentiment Analysis?
What are Text Mining Application Areas?

  What is Data Mining?
  What is Data Mining SEMMA process? Pattern discovery applications?

  What is Text Mining? Descriptive mining & predictive mining?
  What is SAS Text Miner? Text Parsing, Text Filter?
  What is Sentiment Analysis? Text Mining application areas?
  SAS Text Mining Tutorial by Examples

• What Is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis categorizes a document as being positive, negative, or neutral

about a specific topic
. In the following review, positive associations are depicted in blue, and negative associations are highlighted in red. (In gray scale, match the shading associated with the words positive and negative in the caption.).

Sentiment analysis permits visualizing of the sentiments about features of a product. In the above example related to a compact digital camera, red is bad and green is good. Overall, the sentiment is favorable to the camera. (In gray scale, red appears as the darker shade on the left of each bar.)

• What are Text Mining Application Areas?

Text Mining provides many application areas, you can even help investigate some

crime cases, as you can see from the following table, Forensic linguistics is also one application, very powerful! Isn't that cool to learn to use Text Mining?

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