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Introduction to Biology 101

Final Exam with solutions
The bast way to prepare the exam is going through the practice or sample "real" exam with solutions. We provide the comprehensive final exams, and the detailed solutions with step by step explaination, plus the final grading rules!

    Ten Tips to Success in Biology Class   Ten Tips to Solve Biology Problems   Top advices for aspiring students
Final Exam 1 with Solutions   Final Exam 2 with Solutions Midterm 1   Midterm 1 with solutions  

Midterm 2   Midterm 2 with solutions   Midterm 3   Midterm 3 with solutions

Homework with solutions
  Homwork 1   Homwork 1 solutions   Homwork 2   Homwork 2 solutions   Homwork 3   Homwork 3 solutions

  Homwork 4   Homwork 4 solutions   Homwork 5   Homwork 5 solutions   Homwork 6   Homwork 6 solutions
      Homwork 7                   Homwork 7 solutions

Quiz and solutions
We provide the quiz with step by step explaination.

    Quiz 1   Quiz 2   Quiz 3   Quiz 4   Quiz 5   Quiz 6   Quiz 7   Quiz 8   Quiz 9   Quiz 10   Quiz 11   Quiz 12   Quiz 13
    Quiz 14   Quiz 15   Quiz 16   Quiz 17   Quiz 18   Quiz 19   Quiz 20   Quiz 21   Quiz 22   Quiz 23   Quiz 24   Quiz 25
    Quiz 1 solutions   Quiz 2 solutions   Quiz 3 solutions   Quiz 4 solutions   Quiz 5 solutions
    Quiz 6 solutions   Quiz 7 solutions   Quiz 8 solutions   Quiz 9 solutions     Quiz 10 solutions

    Quiz 11 solutions   Quiz 12 solutions   Quiz 13 solutions   Quiz 14 solutions   Quiz 15 solutions
    Quiz 16 solutions   Quiz 17 solutions   Quiz 18 solutions   Quiz 19 solutions   Quiz 20 solutions
    Quiz 21 solutions   Quiz22 solutions   Quiz 23 solutions   Quiz 24 solutions   Quiz 25 solutions

If you have enough time, you can also watch this onine lecture video from MIT, it seems very popular among biology students.

Try to do those exams, homework by youself, after you finish and write down your solutions, then compare with the solutions step by step, you will learn much much more.

Practice is the best of all instructors. We all learnt by doing, by experimenting
(and often failing) and by asking questions.

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