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To write it, it took three months;
to conceive it, it took three minutes;
to collect the data in it, it took all my life.

        -- F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Data Visulization & Excel Analytics

"Statisticians are not only good at data analytics, business insights, but also good at beautiful presentation and cool visulization!"            --LDD(Little Dumb Doctor)

  • What makes a great presentation?   • Add labels to xy scatter plot   • Use bubble size as 3rd dimension

  • Tips to make a beautiful chart   • Tutorial for PowerPivot on Excel   • How to use a Panel Chart

  • Tips to deal with presentation disaster     • What Separates Great Data Scientist
  • Top 10 Commandments of Client presentation   • Play Stupid to win Smart
  • Copy Paste Stop Working between Remote Desktop and local computer
  • How to disable date formatting when copy paste into excel
  • Cool Tips to speed up work: Create restart/shut down shortcut
  • Tips to speed up work: Change the default save as directory folder
  • How to forward outlook email on specific time of day
  • Conquer the five-minute attention span
  • Highly Persuasive Presentation Secrets--Part I   Part II     Part III     Part IV
  • How to generate frequency table easily in excel
  • Amazon Top 20 Finalist Cities for HQ2 and Why

Some highly-recommended data visulization books

R Analytics
    • Loading various data(csv, txt, excel) into R, Install R packages, Perl
    • Use SQL statement in R via package sqldf library
    • Formatting SQL Statement to look nice, Tips to use Group Statement
    • Data Transpose & Sorting Data in R
    • Coufounding and colearity in R regression analytics
    • An Almost perfect simple example for Logistic regression
    • Logistic regression with multiple predictors
    • Financial Data Visualization in R: QuantMod
    • Tips on Handling big data in R: clear memory
    • R Coding Tutorial: Coding Tips-1: gsub
    • R Coding Tutorial: Coding Tips-2: if loop
    • R Coding Tutorial: Using R in Python
    • Unix Shell R Code Practice Workshop --I
    • Unix Shell R Code Practice Workshop --II
    • Small but Powerful R Tips --I
    • R: useful markdown and dygraph package

Some highly-recommended R Tutorial books

Python Programming Tutorial
    • Python Programming Study Notes 1: Intro. to Paython & Installation
    • Python: Grobal vs Local variables
    • Python: Core skills to really understand Python
    • Python: Scikit_Learn Package to run logistic regression

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