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Actuarial Exam-II: Financial Math
Exam MLC/3L: Life Contingencies

Practice Sample Exam and Solutions, Study Notes, Exam Strategies

Question: What's a good but low-stress job for a smart person?
Answer: Actuary, one of the top paying careers, mid-level average salary: 110 K

The 2nd exam(FM: financial math) is different from the first one: probability, it heavily depends on the good use of financial calculator. You need to buy a financial calculator specified by the actuarial of society.

So if you are very good of using calculator, and not that excellent at math, then this exam might be easier for you(compared with the 1st exam), as you can see previous actuarial exam preparation homepage, passing percentage for 2nd exam is actually higher than the first exam. The mathematics complexity requirement is not that much as the first one.

Practice Exam FM with Solutions
You can download the Practice exam from the official website at either SOA. Click to download the following pdf practice questions and solutions:
Practice Questions & Answers Set1   Practice Exam2   Practice Exam3   Practice Exam4   Practice Exam5   Questions with Solutions
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Sample Questions&Answers Set 3a  Sample Exam 3b  Sample Exam 3c  Sample Exam 3d
Sample Questions&Answers Set 4a  Sample Exam 4b  Sample Exam 4c  Sample Exam 4d

If you want to make good use of the sample exam, then you need to do the problems by yourself first, try to figure it out by yourself, don't read the solutions unless you really have to; otherwise, if you just simple read the solutions, then it will not help you that much. One of my students barely passed the undergrauate probability class, she just simply read the solutions, and she had to try at least 4 times to finally pass the exam.

Study Notes FM with Examples
Study Notes 1  Study Notes 2  Study Notes 3  Study Notes 4  Study Notes 5
Study Notes 6  Study Notes 7  Study Notes 8  Study Notes 9  Study Notes 10  Study Notes 11 

Past Exam FM with Solutions
You can find quite a few past REAL exams with solutions provided on the official website at SOA. In case if you don't know where to find,
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Tricks Shortcuts Strategy to pass the exam FM
During the exam, most people will feel again that they don't have enough time to complete all the problems, especially if you are not good at using financial calculators, it will be difficult for you to finish all the questions within the very limited time, check this page for the strategy to pass the exam.

Study Notes for Exam MLC/3L: Life Contingencies
Exam MLC/3L: Study Notes 1  Exam MLC/3L: Study Notes 2   Exam MLC/3L: Study Notes by Dr. Finan  

Practice Exam for Exam MLC/3L: Life Contingencies
Exam MLC/3L: Practice Exam 1  Exam MLC/3L: Practice Exam 1 With Solutions 
Exam MLC/3L: Practice Exam 2  Exam MLC/3L: Practice Exam 2 With Solutions 
Exam MLC/3L: Practice Exam 3  Exam MLC/3L: Practice Exam 3 With Solutions 

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